This tiny HD camera makes it easy to record memories from your baby's point of view. (Image Credit: Babeyes)

I was thinking of making something like with a Microbit or Pi. Glad it exists.


It's pretty easy for memories to fade away, especially when it comes to your baby. Thanks to new technology developed by Babeyes, a French company, you can hold onto those memories forever. Not only that, but you can see what the world is like from your baby's perspective. The company created the tiny HD camera that sticks to the child's clothing and records footage for up to two hours.  It also comes equipped with a motion detector and can record in low lighting with the night vision feature. 


Video content can be transferred to a computer using USB cable only. Once videos are transferred to the computer, the software skims through video footage to look for faces that can be tagged. Once skimming is complete, the software will sort those large video files into smaller clips that can be sorted by the people featured in them. Wireless transfer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not possible. This is presumably to prevent any eavesdroppers from snooping in and viewing their content. The product is priced at $139, and the company has made plans to start shipping it out later this month.


Babeyes also claims the software has emotion recognition - which can be difficult to categorize based on different emotions humans are capable of showing.  The cameras also come with one year of free storage space in the company's cloud.


(Credit: Babeyes)


While cameras in baby monitors are common for parents to keep an eye on their child, wearable devices for babies are also gaining popularity.  Other devices include the Owlet Smart Sock 2, a pulse tracking technology meant to monitor a baby's oxygen level as they sleep. If the baby's heart or oxygen levels drop below preset zones, an alert is sent to the parent's smartphone.


Patterned baby clothing being showcased by American start-up company, Nanit showed an overhead cradle monitor camera to track an infant's breathing while they sleep.


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