i.MX RT1015 ARM Cortex-M7 chip


Why is the package type usually one of the last considerations when selecting an MCU or processor?

An inefficient package can present issues to project schedule, system performance, board size and most importantly cost.


Luckily, the i.MX RT crossover processors cater to the PCB layout engineer. In package development, we perform several pinout iterations, conduct package fan out exercises for 2-layer PCBs on our LQFP packages and 4-layer PCBs on our BGA packages and finish by actually laying our own board with various types of components.


The i.MX RT1015 EVK (MIMXRT1015-EVK) which just launched earlier this month is a great example of a 2-layer PCB using the new 500 MHz i.MX RT1015 based on ARM-Cortex-M7 core.


Check out this new video from NXP to learn more: https://www.nxp.com/support/training-events/i.mx-rt-tech-minute:TIP-IMX-RT-TECH-MINUTE?lang=en&lang_cd=en&