Everyone is so focused on various emerging wireless technologies, and LiFi appears on the back burner of everyone's mind. Essential for offices, but I can see it being used in public spaces too.


On June 19th, Signify, the largest company in lighting, released the newest range of LiFi application systems, which has the most reliable and fastest LiFi systems available in the world. The newest range, titled Trulifi uses LED Philips lights to transmit highly reliable, secure two-way wireless data over the internet with speeds that far exceed normal usage found in the workplace.  The newest addition of Philips lights makes it possible for all customers to install the system without having to tear apart and replace their current lighting infrastructure to acquire the best quality light and wireless technology. Turlifi is perfect where radio frequencies are impossible to use or aren’t permitted.


The new Trulifi range provides users with a fast and secure connection by using LED Philips lights to transmit data. (Image Credit: Signify)

The Trulifi system contains wireless connectivity through LED Philips lights, with speeds reaching up to 150 mbps through a large space in a building, like meeting rooms and office floors. Users will also have the ability to roam around in the area due to the lightweight handover between each Trulifi light. The speed is quick enough to allow streaming of 30 1080p HDTV movies at the same time. It requires a USB-key inserted into a laptop to access Trulifi and to receive the signal, acting as an emitter to transmit data back to the lights.


The range also has a fixed point-to-point system, with speeds that go as high as 250 Mbps, designed to work like a wireless cable, which can be used to connect various devices. Some noteworthy applications allow users to connect robots or machines in radio frequency environments where it may not be allowed like industrial plants or hospitals or even where the need arises to transfer large amounts of data securely and quickly.


Signify has also announced tow companies using their range. The first company, Globalworth, the largest office landlord and institutional investor located in Poland and Romania, installed 18 Trulifi Philips lights in three meeting rooms in an office located in the Spektrum Tower in Warsaw, Poland, providing a reliable and secure connection to its clients.


“The ability to integrate modern technology, such as Trulifi, in office buildings and workplaces, is a source of competitive advantage to attract tenants and increase the value of an asset. As a landlord, we are focused on providing top-notch solutions to our clients. We are also obliged to explore and test the latest technologies on the market. We are happy to be the first in Central Eastern Europe to implement Signify’s Trulifi technology, setting new standards for the real estate industry,” said Grzegorz Strutyński, Commercial Director of Globalworth.


The next company, Claerhour Communication Campus, found in Belgium has retrofitted the Trulifi range into four Philips LED lights in a meeting room in Ghent, which is used by the company and their clients.


“We wanted good quality energy-efficient lighting and wireless connectivity capable of handling high-resolution images, artwork and big data files. We’ve gone from offering our staff and clients 5 Mbps to a blistering 150 Mbps, and we can roam around freely as one light point hands off to another seamlessly. While it’s encrypted, Trulifi adds an extra layer of security as light can’t pass through walls - so what’s in the room, stays in the room. This is truly game-changing technology,” said Christoph Ruys, Business Development Manager, Claerhout Communication Campus.


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