It seems like just a little while ago that we announced the Ultra96 development board. We followed it up with a Avnet Ultra96 Dev Board RoadTest, which got 137 applicants, and we made a cool ultra96 Infographic (Thanks pchan)


Recently, Avnet launched the second version of the Ultra96, called Ultra96-V2.


It updates the Ultra96 that was released a year ago. Like original Ultra96, the Ultra96-V2 is an Arm-based, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ™ MPSoC development board based on the Linaro 96Boards Consumer Edition specification. Ultra96-V2 will be available in more countries around the world as it has been designed with a certified radio module from Microchip.


Additionally, all components are updated to allow industrial temperature grade options. Additional power control and monitoring will be possible with the included Infineon Pmics.


Read this blog to learn about other key differences between the two versions: Introducing Ultra96-V2


The Ultra96-V2 is available nowavailable now, if you are interested in getting it to use in a current project. (Tell me about the project, if you can. I'm sure the community would like to know. Leave a comment below.) Here a place to get a lot more information about the Ultra96-V2: Ultra96-V2  or here: Ultra96 Hardware Design Forum


What do you plan on using the Ultra96-V2 for?


I would expect some kind of machine learning project would be at top of the list. Robotics and IoT are probably part of the mix as well. Since it's based on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, it could be some members port of entry into this device.


On August 26th, I will be launching a special program that will feature the Ultra96-V2. So, stay tuned.




Randall Scasny

RoadTest Program Manager