The limited-edition bottles are only available in Singapore and come in either red or blue, featuring Rey and Kylo Ren. (Image Credit: Coca Cola)


Star Wars fanatics will want to get their hands on the latest merchandise, Coca Cola’s special No Sugar bottles, featuring Rey and Kylo Ren, with lightsabers that light up when they touch the labels.  The product is only available in Singapore, with the division releasing 8,000 limited edition bottles as part of their “Galactic Hunt” promotion taking place on three weekends from December 6th to the 22nd. More details can be found on Coca Cola’s Singapore promotion website.


The 8,000 limited edition bottles are hidden in 45 secret locations in Singapore. In order to acquire a bottle, Star Wars fans will have to solve a riddle on Instagram and Facebook, which will contain the location of a gatekeeper who will give participants a special pass. From there, the participant can use that pass to purchase a lighted bottle at the nearest 7-Eleven store. The passes are redeemable from the gatekeeper from 12pm to 8pm during the promotion and will need to be used in order to purchase a limited edition bottle by 9pm on the same day.


Inuru, a Berlin-based startup company, designed the labels, which contains a printed electronic circuit and diodes that light up. When you touch the label, the circuit closes and sends out current to the diodes, lightning up the red or blue lightsaber. There is a limit to how many times they can light up. According to Lim Kean Yew the Integrated Marketing Communications Director for Coca-Cola Singapore, each bottle can light up 500 times, but for only five seconds each time. Factors like storage, shipping and environmental conditions can also affect the longevity of the labels.


The printed electronic circuit lights up the lightsabers on the label when it’s touched. (Image Credit: Inuru)


Inuru also says the OLED labels are made from natural materials and without the use of heavy ions. In the future, the company could see the tech being used in packaging, advertisements, home appliances and more. I suspect we'll be seeing this tech everywhere very soon.


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