The Hackster Crossover Code Challenge might be over, but really, it’s just the beginning for you. Now it’s your chance to take advantage of all the ideas to jump start your next design.


The Crossover Code Challenge generated lots of project examples using NXP’s i.MX RT1010 EVK and MCUXpresso software. All of which are available for you to leverage here. These projects include things like pictures, documentation, schematics and software and spanned applications like  a rover platform with internet control, speech recognition, and even an interactive vocoder synth application.  These projects take advantage of various product features and demonstrate the flexibility of the i.MX RT1010 device, giving examples for how to use the FlexIO and FlexSRAM, the ADC, SAI and SPI (just to name a few).


Thanks again to Hackster, the Hackster community for all of their great ideas and initiatives with the i.MX RT1010. And congratulations to the top 3 winning entries, plus 14 runner-up entries.


Ready to get started on your own design?  Buy the i.MX RT1010 EVK today for $39 USD suggested resale.


The i.MX RT1010 crossover MCU expanded NXP’s popular i.MX RT series and is a high performance, low-cost MCU wrapped in a small 80 LQFP package.  The i.MX RT1010 EVK includes features such as:

  • 128 Mbit QSPI Flash
  • Audio codec and 4-pole audio headphone jack
  • External connections for speaker and microphone
  • Micro USB OTG connector
  • Arduino interface
  • JTAG connector and on board DAP-Link debugger

i.MX RT1010 EVK


And comment below if you have ideas for future i.MX RT contests that you would be interested in participating in.


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