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TI MSP432 Webinar.

Posted by DAB Top Member Apr 30, 2015
Hi All,   I just saw the official TI Webinar on the new MSP432 processor.   The 13 USD Launchpad is very impressive, but the new features of the TI software are awesome.   They evidently spent some time looking at the excellent Cypress Semiconductor software and have upgraded CCS with a lot of very nice user features with simplified control.   Definitely worth looking at.   DAB ...

My PI is Alive!

Posted by DAB Top Member Apr 11, 2015
After watching everyone else explore the Raspberry Pi, I finally took the plunge with the RPi 2.   I finally got all the pieces in place, plugged it in and about 15 min later, my RPi 2 was alive and well.   My only complaint was the 6 point type used for the little guide included in the box.   Luckily I bought the camera kit and it came with a real sized guide so I could actually read the text.   Next step is to hook up the camera and wifi.   I have no idea how long ...
  Update 26 January 2013   I inadvertantly used the TI Piccolo dual processor spec when I made the blog. I will make an updated C2000 Launchpad blog soon.   Analysis of the TI C2000 Piccolo Dual Croe Processor.   As some of you might have guessed, I have spent a lot of time in my career analyzing computer architectures. In my younger days, I assessed several-advanced signal processing systems that used the early versions of the 320.  For its day, it was very fast compa ...

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