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    The eXecute in Place, or XiP, is a capability that allows a processor to execute code directly from external flash memory. Many embedded applications require connectivity stacks, audio processing, and vision, and the amount of executable code for these functions has grown to substantial sizes.  When considering these application requirements together for one embedded system, the capability of XiP with external flash is an essential enabler as it allows nearly limitless data sp ...
  Why is the package type usually one of the last considerations when selecting an MCU or processor? An inefficient package can present issues to project schedule, system performance, board size and most importantly cost.   Luckily, the i.MX RT crossover processors cater to the PCB layout engineer. In package development, we perform several pinout iterations, conduct package fan out exercises for 2-layer PCBs on our LQFP packages and 4-layer PCBs on our BGA packages and finish by act ...

i.MX RT Saves the Day

Posted by kjachim Mar 15, 2019
  During the development of a new product, have you ever been asked at the last minute to include more features?  Add a smartphone-like GUI, make it adapt with machine learning, connect it to the cloud, and the list goes on and on.  The challenge for us engineers is that there is always a caveat – add these new features, while reducing the cost and shrinking the size.   This common engineering challenge can bump up your processing needs from a simple, low cost microcon ...

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