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Posted by zylotech May 25, 2015

Hi all,


I recently bought a development board LPC4357 - EVB .

I can not so much regarding ARM programming or no experience when it comes ULINK2 , Keil and LPC4357 - EVB .


I have downloaded Examples2 \ GPIO \ Gpio_LedBlinky project .

When I program GPIO_ledBlinky in InFlash mode.

All goes well , I see that LED flashes.


But when I remove ULINK2 from the USB port when the LED stops flashing.

Should not be the code to be programmed into the LPC4357 chip when selecting " InFlash " ?


And why can not program in SPIFI mode (the flash is full chip Erased before i try flash in SPIFI mode)

DIP switch is

1. Down

2. UP

3. UP

4. UP

I get an error like this pop-up message "ERROR: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M4"


in Keil Build Output windows

Load "C:\\LocalData\\LPC4357-EVB\\Examples2\\GPIO\\Gpio_LedBlinky\\Keil\\SPIFI 64MB Debug\\example.axf"

Erase Done.

Programming Failed!

Error: Flash Download failed  -  "Cortex-M4"

Flash Load finished at 14:32:41


Best Regards



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