Linear Technology Multi-Source Energy Harvester







The “Energy Harvesting Solution To Go” provides the following benefits:

  • Complete solution of harvesting energy, energy management and storage  
  • Easy transfer of the provided solutions to your design  
  • Evaluation of the highest efficient components in the market



  • 4 harvesters for different source types
  • On-board solar cell and thermo electric generator
  • Connectors for optional external generators

Quick Start

  • Decide for your energy harvesting source
  • Set the appropriate jumper JP1 to JP4 to feed the harvested source to the power connector.
  • Optionally set jumper JP9 to ON for an extended buffer capacitance for all harvesters or set jumper JP10 to ON for an extended buffer capacitance for the TEG harvester
  • Connect your application to the power connector

Detailed Information

  • Manual – Using the Multi-Source Energy Harvesting Demoboard and functional description
  • Schematics
  • Design Files – Full set of development data including Gerber data and bill of material
  • Datasheets – please go to the appropriate product page and download the datasheet from the right side menu or get them on Energy Harvesting Solutions
  • Product Pages – Featured devices on the demoboard see list below
  • More Energy Harvesting – Companion products and background information from Linear Technology

General Information




Solar Cell

LTC3105 - 400mA boost converter, MPP control, 250mV start-up

LTC3459 + LTC2935 – Micropower monolithic booster

Peltier Element – TEG

LTC3108 - Ultralow voltage boost converter and system manager

LTC3109 - Auto-polarity version of multiProductLinkLTC3108

Piezo Element

LTC3588 - Piezoelectric energy harvesting power supply

Inductive Generator

LTC3588 - Inductive energy harvesting power supply


Only one source selector MUST be set at a time. Only one buffer cap selector MUST be set to ON at a time!

Energy Micro’s EFM32 Giant Gecko Starter Kit (EFM32GG-STK3700)


The EFM32GG-STK3700 provides:

  • Evaluation of the world’s most energy friendly microcontroller EFM32 Gecko Family
  • On board: EFM32GG990F1024 with ARM Cortex M3, 48MHz, 1024KB Flash, 128KB RAM, LCD Controller, USB, Low Energy Sense, Backup Power Domain, etc.
  • 200µA/MHz in active mode and Deep Sleep Mode with 1.1µA with various functions running in this mode on 1µA level
  • Debugging with a SEGGER J-Link debugger
  • Energy Debugging with an integrated Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) with Voltage Monitoring

Please follow these steps to start your evaluation:


  • Download Simplicity Studio
  • Install Simplicity Studio – it contains all the tools, drivers, software examples and documentation needed, like...
  • energyAware Commander - a tool for updating the kit's firmware, programming the MCU on STK or on your prototype
  • energyAware Profiler – energy debugging and supply voltage monitoring tool
  • Software Examples at “Examples” in Simplicity Studio
  • More information about the Giant Gecko STK at “Kit Documentation”and “EFM32GG-STK3700 User Manual” in Simplicity Studio
  • More information about the EFM32 Microcontroller Family
  • Install the ARM Cortex M3 development tools of your choice
  • List of professional tool partners
  • Installation guide for free GNU tools and Eclipse  




More information...



On Energy  Micro's Board

Würth Elektronik Components used

  • WR-COM Mini USB Type B SMT Horizontal 5 Contacts WR-COM 65100516121
  • Battery Holder 79523141
  • WE-CBF SMD EMI Suppression Ferrite Bead 74279266 & 742792022
  • WR-PHD 2.54mm Dual SMT Pin Header 61002021121
  • WS-TSS 6x6 mm SMD 430182043816
  • WE-PD2 SMD Power Inductor S11 100 17
  • WL-SMCW 150 060 YS7 500 0, 150 060 BS7 500 0 & 150 060 RYS7 500 0

Würth Elektronik Components used

  • WR-TBL Terminal Blocks 691411710002
  • WE-TPC SMD Shielded Tiny Power Inductor

size 4828 744043220
size 3816 744031100

size 2811 744028220

  • WE-EHPI Energy Harvesting Coupled Inductor 74488540070

On Linear Technology's Board



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