Wireless Sensor Network: Bronze Craft Corporation


Bronze Craft Corporation invented a smart window sensor for energy conservation in commercial buildings. The US Department of Energy estimates that 35% of a commercial buildings energy use is attributed to lighting. The Smart Sensor measures the daylight entering windows and signals the lighting control system to shut off lights nearest to the window when light levels equal lighting levels prescribed by the US Department of Labor's OSHA standards.


The company report, "We have built a lighting control system in our manufacturing offices which has demonstrated a 40% savings in lighting use. The Smart Sensor also incorporates a moisture sensor which detects leaky windows due to damaged weather seals or improper installation. Condensation on windows is detected as well. This allows building owners to correct windows that waste energy or provide conditions conducive to mould and mildew. The Smart Sensor measures thermal gains at the window and allows the HVAC controls to compensate for these heat gains. When thermal gains at the window diminish, cooling loads can be reduced and added fans to circulate the existing cool air more evenly. With improved cool air circulation, our office occupants near the windows are no longer hot while occupants away from the windows are cold in the summer." The sensor is powered by a solar cell.




"This approach combines a number of different technologies (solar, capacitors, wireless communications, etc) to provide security and energy efficiency to buildings. The company's control systems are already in use in a number of school systems. It is a great combination of WSN with energy conservation."