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Hello element14 -!

Posted by pjclarke Feb 20, 2011
Hello to element14 and  all you guys. I have finally got round to writing my first blog for this  site and rather than posting a blog about anyone subject I have decided  to introduce myself.   I live in the UK and have been doing electronics since  I was about 10years old. Electronics was not my first choice of  career however I followed what was my hobby into becoming a full time  job. I’ve worked at a number of places in my time but now work at ebm-pa ...
Product counterfeiters are increasingly targeting chips and electronic components, with attacks on hardware modules becoming commonplace. Tailor-made security technology utilizes a component‘s individual material properties to generate a digital key. This provides components with an identity, since their unique structure cannot be copied. At this year’s embedded world Exhibition and Conference, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT will be de ...

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