There is quite a number of boards coming to market this year 2016.

These include various hats for Raspberry Pi, Beagleboneblack and the like.

However I've yet to see a really simple OSH design in Kicad format for any iCE40 chip.

If novices and young users are to progress from FPGA development, to creating prototype boards this is a natural requirement.

This crop is almostt right, but where are the design files?


I'm currently awaiting my iCEstick order to work through them.


On the subject of tutorials I published verilog files for iCE40HX8K Breakout Board and IceStorm here:

they are to be used in conjunction with the excellent verilog tutorials from Mojo:

versions for iceStick CATboard, iCEboard, Nandboard and other boards will be published as available.