Embedded Vision is one of the most exciting domains in today’s technology. It provides machines the ability to see, sense, intelligence and immediately respond to the real world. As a key and pervasive megatrend, embedded vision is shaping the future of the embedded industry.


RGGBer is a fully open source, low cost and modular development kit that makes embedded vision design easy! It provides user all the necessary hardware resources and accessories to support

1080P@60fps video applications. RGGBer is based on FPGA solution which is the most powerful and mainstream.




The key values of RGGBer Dev Kit:

  • It frees development team from spending time on general, repetitive basic works. You may quickly start with featured things of your embedded vision product.
  • Save money and speed your project schedule. Lower the risk of project.
  • RGGBer is open source platform. Developers are able to contribute or share knowledge with others.


We just set up a campaign page on Crowd Supply site and decide to launch this campaign this Aug. You may sign up on the pre-launch page which shares with same URL to receive updates and be notified when it launches.




We have shared with people some of the features on hacker/maker community.

  1. What is RGGBer Dev Kit?
  2. Machine vision demo
  3. Video processing demo
  4. High speed image network demo
  5. ADAS demo
  6. Wireless control to RGGBer