The new Arty S7Arty S7 development board is the most recent addition to Digilent's Arty Family designed with makers and hobbyists in mind. Developed as an update to the earlier Spartan-6 FPGA solution, this board features the new Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA to better support a variety of applications and design needs.




With innovations in the new Spartan-7 FPGA family, makers and hobbyists alike can now benefit from the Arty S7Arty S7 development board. This is first development board to feature the Spartan-7 FPGA and offers the most size, performance, and cost-conscious design with full Vivado Design Suite compatibility. Over 52,000 logic cells and 2,700 block RAM enable significant development opportunities while additional hardware I/O and expansion options support boards commonly found on a hobbyist workbench. The inclusion of a dual row Arduino® connector creates an efficient method for mounting one of the hundreds of hardware compatible shield options available in the market today. While the addition of four Pmod ports extend project capabilities with pre-made Pmod IP blocks that offer a more streamlined design experience. This opportunity for greater project functionality with Digilent Pmods was also recently enhanced with the release of, a new online community showcasing Pmod compatible products and resources to support greater project expansion capabilities.


Now until February 12th, 2018 you can sign up to become a RoadTester for the Arty S7 and get to know the newest addition to Digilent's Arty Family! Enroll today on the Arty S7 RoadTest page for your chance to share your experience and help other element14 community members begin their journey into FPGAs.


If you are looking for project inspiration before applying, check out the Applied Arty Project Post where Digilent profiles what community members have been creating with the Arty Family thus far. Also check out the Digilent Wiki for documentation, example projects, and tutorials (such as the Arty S7 General I/O Demo and the Arty S7 XADC Demo).