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Make Z-turn board buzz

Posted by yosoufe Mar 31, 2018
Hi, This is my first blog here in element14 community. I am learning FPGA and totally newbie. I've got a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and finishing my master (hopefully next week is my presentation ) and I learned some MCU by myself and now I am trying to learn FPGA by my own. I've got a Z-turn board from MYIR and bought it for second hand from ebay-kleinanzeige because at that time that was the cheapest option to get a Zynq FPGA development board. This is my first vhdl code as well ...
Question: How did Avnet arrive at the DDR Delay values published in the MiniZed board definition file?   That's a good question! We developed the MiniZed board definition file with Vivado 2016.4. The settings you will find in the Avnet MiniZed board definition/awareness preset.xml are: Calculating these requires you to know the routing length in millimeters for the DDR clocks, DQS, and DQ traces. For MiniZed, we publish this in the net length report. You need clock and strobe for each 8 bi ...

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