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VHDL User Defined TypesNUMERIC_STD SIGNED is not a good choice for fixed point arithmetic  Most signal processing applications require handling fixed point data types, not just integers. These numbers have a binary point, assuming we use binary or base 2 representation, with an integer part to the left of the binary point and a fractional part to the right of it. While it is possible to use integer numbers for that with an implicit binary point position there are numerous problems when try ...
Beyond STD_LOGIC  In the last post we just started to scratch the surface of VHDL types. This time we will try to go deeper - which types should we use, what are their properties and limitations, what are the main pitfalls a beginner would encounter and how to solve them.   We have seen that while the basic type for software programming is INTEGER, of various but fixed sizes, signed or unsigned, the VHDL fundamental type is the 1-bit STD_LOGIC. It has 9 possible values, some of which ...

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