This is an update of my on going N64 HDMI conversion project. The N64=>HDMI Conversion Project

As of right now I have identified that the RCP (or the GPU) have common outputs between board revisions for the video and audio. There is a seven bit word, Dsync, and clock that contribute to the digital video signal. These are connected to a DAC that outputs an RGB signal. The plan is to rob these signals on there way to the DAC in order to reduce complexity and latency of the FPGA design. I have acquired a Saleae Logic Pro 16 to analyze these signals in order to try and find a pattern. The hypothesis this that these seven bit words come in sets of three, one for blue, one for green, and one for red and that the Dsync weaves these signals together. I have yet to grab a clean signal off of the chip as the probes that came with the Saleae seem to also be shorting out the other pins. I plan on soldering on a ribbon cable using my campus's microscope and micro pencil to resolve this problem.


Simultaneously, I have gotten myself a Artix-7 dev board with an HDMI port and am teaching myself VHDL. I have decided to go with VHDL as it is what the overwhelming majority of my peers use and this will make it easier for me to ask questions, of which, I always have plenty.


This week I plan on doing some VHDL practice and to hopefully acquire a clean signal off of my board.


I have attached some photos of what I have done so far. I apologize for the poor lighting, my phone is having some issues.