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Using the Carry-Save Adder, The Constant Coefficient Multiplier  Multiplications in Xilinx FPGAs are done using DSP48s, which are primitives that consist of a 25x18 signed multiplier, a 25-bit preadder and a 48-bit postadder/accumulator. In UltraScale/UltraScale+ FPGA families the signed multiplier is 27x18 and the post adder has three inputs instead of just two. Depending on the FPGA size and family there are hundreds to thousands of such DSP48 primitives, that are able to do one multiply ...
Using the Carry-Save Adder, A Generic Adder Tree  In this post I will show how to implement an efficient and generic adder tree, we need to compute the sum of N elements, where N can be any value. The numbers we add are also arbitrary precision fixed point values, all the same range but otherwise unconstrained.   We can represent the input data as an unconstrained array of unconstrained SFIXED, which requires VHDL-2008 support - with Vivado we can synthesize and implement this but we ...

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