This is a continuation of my on going N64 HDMI project. The last post can be found here: The N64=>HDMI Conversion Project: Part 2


I apologize for the delay in my updates. I am a full time college student and my studies always come first. I hope to get some work on my project done over the winter break.


I do have some updates however!


Since my last post I have done research on the ins and outs of analog TV signals. This lead me to the conclusion that my analysis prior to this information was flawed. If you want a crash course in TV analog, I highly suggest reading this article: How analog TV worked

Furthermore, I have been teaching myself VHDL. Most of the online VHDL sources are a pile of hot flaming garabge but I found this AMAZING book containing well thought out sectioning, fantastic explinations, and even includes exercises. The book is free and open-source so if you are looking to learn a HDL code in general, or want to learn VHDL specifically, I can not suggest this book enough. The book is called "Free Range VHDL". I have included the free PDF version here => free range vhdl - Free Range Factory   but if you would like to own a physical copy they do sell that as an option.


Based on the schematic of the MAV-NUS, I went ahead and soldered some leads onto it's inputs and outputs (based apon the signals I needed). Provided below is the schematic and a picture of the, somewhat unfavorable, soldering of the chip. The signals of most importance here are the Y/C signals. From here I can determine what the HDMI signal should look like, can write my code on my dev board, and start testing.


Now to the sad news. I have been talking a lot with a friend, much smarter than I, on some of the logistics of this project. I was suggested to take a step back from it and do some simple projects involving serial data to gain a basic understanding of serial. The plan as of right now is to continue through the VHDL book but rather than working on the N64 project, spend some time doing some of the projects found in the Element14 forums. If you have some suggestions on some good projects please let me know in the comments section!!


Thank you for your time. I hope to post one more time before the beginning of the next semester.