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Introducing Ultra96-V2

Posted by bhfletcher element14 Team Mar 28, 2019
Yesterday, Avnet announced the Ultra96-V2 as a replacement for the Ultra96 which is going EOL. https:/     While Ultra96-V2 has the same Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC device, same 96Boards CE form factor, and the same basic features, there are several key differences which I thought would be useful to explain. Microchip Wi-Fi / BLE 5 Pre-certified in 75+ countries, including several where Ultra96 was ...
Continuing from where I left off in Driving a Laptop LCD using an FPGA, I moved the 'TMDS to LVDS converter board' to perf board, and soldered the differential pairs from the LCD panel onto it. I used headers (to connect wires) for the connections between the converter board and FPGA's PMOD ports, but not that I think about it, it might have been better to solder the headers so that it could be plugged directly to a PMOD (or 2 PMODs) without using wires. This setup was more stable, since the ...

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