Yesterday, Avnet announced the Ultra96-V2 as a replacement for the Ultra96 which is going EOL.




While Ultra96-V2 has the same Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC device, same 96Boards CE form factor, and the same basic features, there are several key differences which I thought would be useful to explain.

  • Microchip Wi-Fi / BLE 5
  • Updated Buttons
    • Easier to push
    • Relocated away from sensitive, unprotected ESD-prone connectors
  • Infineon power
    • Opens up future opportunities to automate sophisticated domain control for power savings as well as telemetry reporting
    • While we were modifying the power circuitry, we also added a 96Boards specification to protect the board against accidental, simultaneous plug-in of power on both the baseboard and mezzanine
  • Micron memory upgraded to the latest -053 speed-grade (single-die) since the previous one was not recommended for new design
  • IDT clock chip
    • Consolidated 3 timing devices on Ultra96
  • Dialog On/Off controller
    • Fixed an interrupt polarity issue with the MPSoC PMU
    • Added a missing 96Boards requirement for instant power on option
  • All components selected to:
    • Eliminate EOL items
    • Update with Industrial temperature-grade options
      • I-grade Ultra96-V2 pending characterization – More info in July


Back side of Ultra96-V2 showing Xilinx ZU+ MPSoC


Relevant Websites:


We will continue to support Ultra96 from a technical perspective into the future as well.