A couple months back, I decided to buy an Avnet Ultra96 V2 board and make something interesting.  The Ultra96 is a compact, inexpensive platform with some amazing capabilities.



I decided to use a tool called Model Composer which allowed me to work with an example application, simulate it and verify performance all within an easy-to-use graphical environment.  I did this mostly to learn all the individual steps myself.


I keep reading about self driving cars so I picked a color detection example that processes streaming input data and detects street signs.   To show just how easy it is to work with Model Composer and target an Avnet Ultra96 board, I made a 4-part video series.



After going through some of the documentation, I was able to get my system working and picking out road signs with good repeatability.  Of course, the output from this project is a functional block that is running on Ultra96 hardware.  In a real-world system I would need to by a camera and a display too.


Nonetheless, it was an interesting project and I look forward to doing more work with image processing.