Disable Screen Blanking

Assuming that you have seen the previous blogs and are using the Avnet recommended Ubuntu build environment, here is a tip that will increase your productivity!

This is another tip that I found useful!  If you have a tip you think is useful, comment below!


As this virtual machine is running on your host laptop/desktop, if your corporate policies allow, disabling screen blanking can reduce the time and steps it takes to use the Virtual Machine.  For the most part, your host machine should have all of the proper security to protect you as this is a Virtual Machine, it is just an application on your host machine.  For all of these reasons, it is recommended to disable screen blanking.


Click on the application button.


Search for and launch Power


Select Never from the pull down menu

Now you will not have to log into your VirtualBox Virtual Machine after you go answer an email and the timeout hits!  You may also want to disable the Automatic Suspend, however that is a setting that you should decide for yourself as that depends more on the fact of this running on a laptop or desktop!