HI all,


As I was working through updates for the 2020.2 release, I thought it might be useful to release some information about how much space you need to build.

I worked through a chart of information and hope you can pick through the data and create a "final" size of information that you might need for your situation.

This way, you won't have to install a 1TB Virtual Machine if you do not need it!

Please note that this information is good as of what is on the development 2020.2 branch on 06JAN21.  As packages are added/removed/things updated, these numbers can and will change.

Please ALSO Note, this does not include any DPU/AI etc. things being built.  We are still working on that as of this post.


The other thing to note, the PetaLinux Cache folder, I measured it a few times, but recorded it once I had built EVERYTHING.  I do not think you will see such a large cache, but this way you can have some additional buffer for OS updates and the like.

For example, as of this post, the cache folder for me was about 38GB.  When I had built just a few MicroZeds that folder was about 13GB.  Next, having built the UltraZed-EG PCIe on top of that, the folder was around 27GB.  Finally, after building everything, it stopped around 38GB.


Due to some restrictions on how I can post the data, this is more or less a screen shot.


I tried to add in a few additional rows showing many totals and how the totals were created to make this easier.


Here are some examples of how this can be used.


If you only intend to build the PL for UltraZed-EV, you can take

  129MB Vivado Tot

  33MB for BDF

  296MB for the HDL repository

  80GB for the Ubuntu OS

+122GB for the Xilinx tools




Meaning, you could probably have a minimal install of about 250GB - 300GB and be fine.  I would still suggest a VM of 500GB, but I think you see my point!  Especially if you extend the example and say you want to run the VADD example Vitis application.

Take the same value from before (converted to GB)


  38GB cache

  40GB Petalinux

  11GB platform





OR you can take just the totals


  38GB Repository+cache

  80GB Ubuntu

  122GB Tools

+54GB project total




If you want to be adventurous and do a MAKE ALL with all platforms, all vitis platforms, all vadd applications, using sstate to reduce your build time, you can expect about 825+GB of hard drive space!

Please let me know below what other metrics and things you would find useful.  I can try to capture what I can while I am building the various platforms over and over as we revise for the latest Xilinx tools!