We are currently working on PetaLinux 2020.2 BSPs for the Avnet MicroZed, PicoZed, and UltraZed SOMs and MiniZed and Ultra96-V2 SBCs


As part of these BSP updates we are also taking the time to make some much needed and overdue changes to the HDL, PetaLinux, and Vitis git repositories:

  • Remove old projects that are no longer supported
  • Change naming of projects and build scripts to be consistent within each repo and across all repos
  • Lower case script file names and folder names
  • Fix incorrect file headers


A big motivation for these changes is to make the build process consistent among the repositories so that, among other benefits, it will be easier to see how HDL, BSP, and Vitis projects are associated together.


All of these changes are now being made in the 2020.2 branch of the Avnet HDL, PetaLinux, and Vitis repositories on github:





This means, naturally, that right now the 2020.2 branch of these repositories is unstable and the build scripts and projects in them may be broken.  For stable development we recommend using the 2020.1 or earlier branches.  This warning is also displayed in the README as shown here:


I will post updates as progress continues.  These changes should be completed in the next couple of weeks, so the branches will be unstable until then.  We appreciate your patience!