Back then in February when I roadtested the USB104-A7, I had learned to create block designs using MicroBlaze. I found it very interesting but the available online resources were limited, the tutorials were based on the older versions of Vivado (Uploaded 6 years back or so). So I thought of making a course on using MicroBlaze in block designs and programming it with Xilinx SDK. Finally, after my semester exams were over, I got some free time to record the tutorials and the course material.


The course is designed in such a way that basic knowledge on FPGA programming using Vivado would be sufficient to take up this course. Also, the learner will understand the design of hardware while making the custom Pmod (Pmod Character LCD) and the working of Rotary Encoder.


Also, in this course, the design will be modified as new modules are added according to the requirements. The quadrature decoder module described in Verilog will also be added to the design at a later stage in the course. Thus, the learner will be able to feel the essence of the term "Reconfigurable Hardware".


Course Contents:

Video 1 - Introduction to MicroBlaze and AXI

Video 2 -- Lab 1 - Creating a block design with MicroBlaze and AXI GPIOs

Video 3 -- Lab 2 - Writing code in Xilinx SDK to interface with user LED and Pushbutton

Video 4 - Working of Character LCD and making of the Pmod LCD

Video 5 -- Lab 3 - Modifying the block design to interface Pmod LCD

Video 6 -- Lab 4 - LCD Driver Code to display elapsed seconds in LCD

Video 7 - Working of Rotary Encoder and Quadrature Decoder

VIdeo 8 -- Lab 5 - Adding the Quadrature Decoder Module to the Design

Video 9 -- Lab 6 - Writing code in SDK to display count and direction to the LCD

VIdeo 10 - Final Assessment



About the Course:

All videos are available on YouTube, here's the link to Playlist:

Complete the final assessment to earn a certificate!


Course Overview:


Thanks for reading!