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Introduction This project is a follow up from the previous project on porting the PYNQ framework to the ZC702 development board. In this article we will show how to leverage the xOpenCV framework in conjunction with the PYNQ framework  to implement a basic image processing pipeline on ZYNQ series FPGA SoC . The project will be developed on a ZC702 development board using a generic USB camera.   Now , we will look at developing an end to end system for resizing live video using the ...

Porting PYQN to ZC702

Posted by dimiterk Feb 11, 2020
In this project we will port the PYNQ framework to the ZC702 development board.  Introduction   The ZC702 is an official development board from Xilinx. This board sports a ZC7020 ZYNQ FPGA SoC. It comes with a number of peripherals including HDMI, CAN Bus, UART, embedded Digilent JTAG Programmer, Ethernet , SD card, USB host , I2C bus expander and a number of SMBUS enabled PMIC for monitoring the SoC rails.      PYNQ is a project by Xilinx that brings Python le ...
A couple of months back I received a ZC702 Xilinx development board from Randall after pitching an idea on how to build an embedded vision project. The board arrived a couple of weeks later (thank you Randall) and I started working on the steps to build an embedded vision application that targets real time lane detection. The main idea was to build a vision system capable of automatic lane detection. In a nutshell,  I wanted to build a custom vision application running on the FPGA fabric th ...

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