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Hello all,   I wanted to create a post letting everyone know about a new white paper that was generated by one of my colleagues, I have linked it below.  In this white paper, he goes through and describes a design flow that would allow primarily a software engineer to easily work with an FPGA solution that leverages Open-Source C code to produce a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).  Utilizing the Avnet SOM strategy would allow someone that is not as hardware oriented to be able to pro ...
Throughout my career as an engineer, one thing has always stuck out to me.  Process.  There is always a process for everything.  Be it for somewhat complex reasons, such as the need to heat soak a board properly when attaching BGA components to a PCB, or more or less simple reasons, such as the compounds in flux making solder move where you want it!  Why bring up process?  Process is the key to the scientific process.  The validation, verification, reporting, all th ...

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