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Why learn FPGA Design?  I have been asked in the comments why invest time and money to learn how to use FPGAs? First of all, if you are interested in advanced digital hardware design FPGAs are essentially the only game in town. Unless you are working on million dollar ASIC designs, the only way to do really advanced hardware design at a reasonable cost is with an FPGA.   Yes, there are DSPs and embedded micro-controllers and if you want to just toggle an LED a few times a second then ...
Running Out of Excuses  Can you do FPGA design or teach yourself the skills required to do that with a $0 budget? Electrical engineers (and hobbyists and students and young - or old for that matter - people interested in electronics) are running out of excuses for not trying to learn FPGA design. In the past we heard that the FPGA software tools are expensive, they cost thousands of dollars, FPGA evaluation boards were an arm and a leg and you needed very expensive lab equipment like osci ...

The Art of FPGA Design

Posted by fpgaguru Jul 10, 2018
Hi,   This is a new blog on the Art of FPGA Design. For those who want to follow along, I will try to add a new post every week.   While intended mainly for beginners initially, this is not an FPGA 101 kind of material. There are many of them that can be found online, including some excellent ones here on the Element 14 site. Some familiarity with FPGAs, HDLs and hardware design in general will be assumed. Some software programming experience might help (or hinder, we will have to se ...

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