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Multiplication on FPGA

Posted by mbozdal Sep 22, 2017
FPGA gets its power from the flexibility. The design process can be time-consuming but you can design basically anything. In this project, I will give some examples of the multiplication and flexibility of FPGAs.   Multiplication consumes time and sometimes they specify the whole performance of the system. Impulse response or Fourier transform of the discrete signal is calculated by multiplying and adding the massive number of samples because of that the power of the digital signal process ...
I have been chosen as a roadtester for DEO-NANO P0082 and my kit has arrived. I decided before going roadtest project, it will be nice to give a heartbeat and step into FPGA world. Before you go reading, I want to say I am not an FPGA expert but I want to be one   I just had a course during my master. If you confused something or think something is wrong, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.   Let's start with what is FPGA? To be honest it is a hard question and I will answer in ...

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