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Recently I discovered a clever way in MATLAB to interact with my HDL IP cores in situ, running in the programmable logic. Yes, of course, there are many ways to probe logic in an FPGA, but this one is particularly helpful when I need to analyze bits that represents sampled signals.   A few benefits of this method: Simple setup – ARM subsystem is not involved Pass buffers of data to/from MATLAB workspace Post-capture analysis natively in MATLAB (no need to transfer vector files) &# ...
Though MiniZed be but small, she is fierce.   A terrible use of Shakespeare’s famous quote, but still a perfect fit for MiniZed™ and its Xilinx Zynq™ SoC.   In this blog we’ll explore a new way to program this fierce little board without being an SoC expert.   At first glance it may be daunting to start your design, but there’s good news for anyone new to SoC programming. Avnet created a support package to enable you to program MiniZed using code gene ...

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