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2 Posts authored by: muddpup64
This is an update of my on going N64 HDMI conversion project. The N64=>HDMI Conversion Project As of right now I have identified that the RCP (or the GPU) have common outputs between board revisions for the video and audio. There is a seven bit word, Dsync, and clock that contribute to the digital video signal. These are connected to a DAC that outputs an RGB signal. The plan is to rob these signals on there way to the DAC in order to reduce complexity and latency of the FPGA design. I have ...
This is a continuation of this post: Custom Vivado Parts/Board Creation and this post:Nintendo 64 Schematic   I plan on adding to this blog and over time creating a documented progression of the project.   For those who did not take the time to go through that post (though you definitely should find the time), here are the cliff notes. I am a computer engineering student. My end project is to convert raw N64 GPU data (and audio) to HDMI. It will require I design my own board a ...

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