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Arty S7 Accelerometer-based pointer  In a little bit more than a year ago I began experimenting with my first FPGA, the Digilent CMOD S7. FPGAs are quite flexible and can be used as programmable logic devices, but also as microcontrollers, since the programmable logic can be used to build a microcontroller. The programmable logic is flexible enough to allow you to design your own microcontroller, but this is would be very time consuming. There are many microcontroller architectures that ...
1 Introduction 2 The plan 4 The Projects 4.1 Hello FPGA 4.2 Button powered LEDs 4.3 Counting/Blinking LEDs 4.4 Debouncing 4.5 Vector display graphics 4.6 Xmas light show 5 Final words 6 References 1 Introduction Lots of FPGAs have been offered for roadtesting, but I never applied to any because I felt intimidated by the complexity of the FPGAs and was not sure I would be able to properly roadtest them in a 2 months period. Luckily for me the E14  ...

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