I am creating a development blog following the dicussion here: Let's Design 2 : The LED shake light

The idea is to showcase the process of collaboration and design in an easy to follow series.

From the original post:

I want to make a  device that, when it is shook, it will turn on a LED. Shook again, and  it turns off the LED. I would like to add other features, like varying  light patterns, but let's address the base issue of turning on one  light.


The requirements :

1. When it senses a  shake, it turns on or off depending on the prior state.

2. The final device  must be small, 1 inch square would be ideal.

3. Should run off of a  small battery. Rechargeable cell or capacitor preferred.

4. Idle, stand-by time,  should last a few weeks to a month.

5. No mercury switches either, or any  poisonous substances.


Let's get started!





After a few replies, I decided to use the PIC 10F222 and a tilt switch for the project. (Thanks Westie)

I bought the following for the project:

1. PIC  10F222Add to Parts ListPIC 10F222: part # 31K4983

2. Tilt/Motion  SensorAdd to Parts ListTilt/Motion  Sensor: part # 73R7787


And came up with this preliminary circuit:


The next step is to start writing code.

Any and all help would be appreciated. As a community, we can knock this out pretty quick. We have to show off our bonafides, or face scrutiny of merit.




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