The Internet of Things (IoT) is seen as billions of intelligent connections that will encompass every aspect of our lives and make our world smarter, greener and safer. From smart wearables, to smart energy, homes, factories and data centers, we are bringing the IoT to life by bringing connected intelligence to the embedded technologies that are shaping the network of tomorrow. That's how we, at Freescale, see the IoT.


To the front line of the IoT

Few days ago, during the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in Dallas (Texas), CEO Gregg Lowe kicked off the event with a focus around the IoT, highlighting technology and customers that are demonstrating successful implementations from the consumer to the home.



Then, the following day we continued our discussion, taking you to the front line of the IoT with Freescale Senior VPs and General Managers Geoff Lees from the Microcontrollers division,

analog+and+sensors.jpgJames Bates from the Analog & Sensors division and Tom Deitrich from the Digital Networking division.




Joining them on stage were U.S. Department of Energy’s Patrick Davis, General Motors' John Haraf, Edgewater Networks’ Dave Martin, Envirologger's Jim Mills, and Freescale’s Kevin Traylor. There were also several simulcast demos from the tech lab with Freescale's Steve Nelson, Sujata Neidig and Kwok Wu. Together, they shared more about the vast array of devices enabled by our microcontrollers, sensors, analog devices and the network that connects it all together.

Steve Nelson, discusses the IoT at FTF

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