The tado0 Cooling device turns boring old air conditioners into up to date smart-coolers (via Tado)

There are plenty of smart devices on the market that can help automate our homes, including smart-lighting systems, appliance systems and climate control devices. Most of the ‘smart’ features are already built into those devices, bringing them up to date in the emerging world of IoT. German IoT start-up Tado Inc. is looking to upgrade our outdated air conditioning systems with their tado0 Cooling devices that bring intelligent automation to our outdated AC units.


The device connects to AC units using infrared, which means it can only connect to air conditioners that feature a remote control and not push-button units (you could probably just use a timer for those). Once connected, the device allows users to control their AC over the internet through a Wi-Fi connection and corresponding mobile device app. Some of the more interesting features include programming the app to shut off the AC unit when the user leaves, automatically kicking on the AC when the user is returning and directly controlling it through a capacitive touch interface on the device itself. If that wasn’t enough, it can adjust the temperature in different rooms and will even check local weather reports and adjust cooling accordingly.


With crowd funding becoming more attractive for fledgling businesses first step, Tado Inc. turned to Kickstarter to finance their intelligent cooling device with a pledge goal of $150,000. If the current pledge trend continues ($99 to preorder at this point), they should have no trouble accomplishing that goal very soon, having already reached over $80,000 at this point with 27 days left to go.



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