SensePlug’s SAM Strip and SAM Plug bring home automation to a new level with smart-sensors (via SensePlug)

Home automation is becoming big business and the popularity of automated appliances is continuing to grow. Lights that turn themselves on when someone walks into the room, air conditioning that adjusts itself based on weather reports and smart locks that lock/unlock when the homeowner is near are just a few examples of what current technology can do. Of course, that’s only if the appliances have the technology built in, otherwise you have to purchase after-market devices to get that level of home automation.


Yes, there are devices such as smart power-strips (such as Smart Strip’s LCG3) that can automate the devices plugged into it but they offer limited functionality in that they typically just turn the appliance on or off when they are being used. Others, like SensePlug’s SAM devices bring much more to the table in terms of functionality. The SAM Plug and SAM strip offer automatic on and off just like the others do but they do much more thanks to some handy built-in smart sensors including a built in motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and the ability to measure the amount of power devices are using that are plugged into them. Users can customize how their appliances function through an app that uses what SensePlug calls ‘SmartRules’.


For example, users can program their household fans to spin-up at certain temperatures, turn lights on when the ambient light fades or turn on the entertainment system when they walk into the room. The motion sensor also comes in handy, allowing users to monitor their homes when away, alerting them of potential burglars. The app also allows users to monitor power-hungry appliances and turn them off if they consume too much. This also allows users to get an alert message if the appliance’s power consumption has dropped, which could mean trouble if the fridge stops working. Parents could also monitor whether or not their children are playing on gaming consoles when they should be doing their homework. The app can also send alerts if the stove has been left on and no one’s home, allowing users to turn them off remotely or have it programmed to turn off automatically.


Setting up the SAM devices couldn’t be easier, simply enter your Wi-Fi information and you are good to go. The app then guides users through the account process and then they can start programing their appliances accordingly. The Strip and Plug function exactly the same, however the Strip is outfitted with three sockets instead of one and features two USB ports for charging mobile devices. SensePlug is currently crowd funding their SAM devices on Kickstarter with a pledge goal of $75,000 for tooling and manufacturing. Those interested in getting either the Plug or Strip can pledge $49 (for the Plug) and $109 (for the Strip) respectively.



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