So what is the state of Internet of Things today? How good have the building blocks of IoT become? We tested this by building our own E-Paper keylock for our office front door with Spark Core and our V Tablet device. In the end it took us less than a day to create a new keylock which can be controlled from the web and additional 15 minutes to add a E-Paper keypad. And except for the lack of proper casing for our Spark Core, there is nothing that screams prototype about it - we're using the setup daily.


Internet of Things is very real. The tools that are available right now make it super easy for anybody with basic programming and hardware skills to create their own smart gadget. This means that there will be a huge influx of new gadgets that will be connected, because frankly, there is no reason why they wouldn't be connected. Today we're laughing at the notion of connected refrigerators, while tomorrow we won't know how we survived without them.


Read more about the experience in our blog: How Spark core helped us make a Wi-Fi keylock with e-paper keypad for our office.

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