Spark Firmware.PNGSpark Hardware.JPG

Well, well, it's about time I'm back!  I was all excited to load the Spark app on my Iphone when I ran into a slight dilemma. Apparently I needed to update the IOS, and in order to do that, I needed to upload 1,000 pics to make room for it. What can I say, busy people don't have time to transfer and sort photos.  What is interesting, is that most of my photos were either documentation of projects, or other people's tech projects, plus or minus a few robots. So, it's true I'm a geek...let's get onto the fun stuff.


First, as a refresher, the hardware is the Spark Core on its own breadboard, a mustache battery shield and a LiPo battery (USB power cord not in pic). The Spark app was quick to install on the phone, and easy to do. It was fun to watch the hardware connect, as there is an RGB LED in the center that cycles through some colors until it locates the WiFi. Once found, it creates a pulsing aqua color. Something that gets your attention pretty quickly on the app is the play area called "Tinker". Just as the name states, you can play with different pins on the Spark immediately. For instant-gratification people like me, there is even a built-in LED, much like an Arduino, that you can test. So, just by clicking on D7, you can tell the app to do a "DigitalWrite" command on the pin and turn the blue LED "high". LOVE! My pic may seem confusing, but I'm purposely orienting the Spark Core upside down in order to make the mustache right side up. So crazy.




That's it for the update.  Join me next time when I discover how to actually get some code on this baby. I have to tell you, there is a thrill in manipulating something this small with an equally small phone. All of these new little devices are going to change the IoT movement, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone creates a tiny WiFi friendly controller for kids that can be programmed with Scratch. It's going to make "Home Alone" seem analog. On the topic of getting into trouble in one's home, this pic goes out to DAB, who always has something fun to say about tinkering. Thanks to everyone for always being supportive of my adventures.