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OK, so you have done al the samples, used buttons on a breadboard etc. etc. Now you want to interface stuff from the real world into your microcontroller


If you have not watched the previous video, then please do for how to drive BIG loads from you microcontroller using OPTO Isolators. Drive BIG things with added safety. OPTO Isolators


The real world is an evil place for microcontrollers, loads of EMF to mess with you and blow input circuitry, so we need a way to safely hook up a sensor that is out in the garden, on the roof or some place at the end of a long wire


An OPTO Isolator is what you need, a few simple and in expensive parts and your up and running, My example is what I used to interface my OMRON industrial line break sensors to a TI launch pad (The ONRON runs at 24V) for my Electronic Referee project (Find it here:


here is how:



This is the final circuit used for the Electronic Referee

Electronic Referee Circuit as Built.png

This is a link to the OPTO Isolator I used

and this to the P Channel FET: