091.png we announced some weeks ago, the latest extension of our STM32 F0 series : STM32F091 boosting integration, bridging performance and functionality for smart applications such as industrial control and appliances, power meters and utilities, in-car applications... entertainment accessories, to list only few of them ..

Why would you choose STM32F091 for  next developments?

This new MCU is the best fit bringing price and functionality advantages and comes on the market with a  unique sophisticated combination of boosted Flash, RAM, performant peripherals and communication protocols. With STM32F091 ST is answering the industry needs for applications using a high amount of USART peripherals and complements the F0 series with increased RAM and Flash size in a smartly optimized new version. An enlarged DMA enables optimum data transfer without involving the CPU, boosting performance further.         
The product ensures a vertical continuity to the STM32F031/ F051/F071 families which allows adapting the code size and its implementation throughout the portfolio, with compatible pinout.


''A same application can run high level programming developments using the STM32 Cube HAL and Software, allowing compatibility towards similar Cortex-M based products, ultimately tendindg to virtualize the hardware using Java and thanks to the 32 KB embedded RAM. Developers have also the freedom to play on memory size, therefore on the MCU cost, optimizing the code complexity using the STM32 Snippets " said Patrice Hamard, Product Line Marketing Manager.


do not miss using the highly extensive platform providing you an affordable and flexible way to build prototypes STM32 Nucleo with our new microcontroller STM32F091 ...


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