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Inspired by our top 5 Internet of Things Projects?  Want to get started easily and quickly with your own idea?  No problem.  Here are 10 How To videos to help you get started in either 3 easy steps or tackle more complex ideas such as home automation. But, it all starts with the design. So, here is a basic video that outlines what you need to consider when designing Internet of Things applications such as cost, security and features. #iotdebate .



Video 1: Use MQTT and Paho embedded C client with the TI CC3200 LaunchPad

You need to start at the beginning. Connecting from anywhere in the world? Use MQTT as a protocol which enables you to use the Wifi application on the TI CC3200 Launchpad. Benjamin, from the Eclipse Foundation, walks us through how to connect everything up and measure temperature data. 

Part 1:

Part 2:


Video 2:  Connecting Your Project to “The Cloud”, FREE-2-1 goHACKme!

All the way from Sydney, Jason Crawford and Nick Dutton, talk about how to get started in 3 easy steps. So, if you are considering an IoT application this is another helpful video. Get inspired.  And even better, it’s free.


Video 3: Bosch's  The Internet of Things in Production

What is Industry 4.0? Not only do you need to consider how to design IoT applications, there is the other side of the coin of how to manufacture products. No one knows innovation like Bosch.  It might just be a washing machine to you, but what happens if the washing machine could text you that your laundry is done?  It would definitely save me going up and down the stairs. 



Video 4: Cisco’s The Internet of Things: Architecture and Protocols

Pretty much synonymous with Internet of Things, Cisco shares their experience working in developing IoT devices.  They’ve learned a lot in the last decade. Cisco goes into detail about IoT devices and the backbone they need to rely upon.


Video 5: Eclipse’s “From Arduinos to Raspberry Pis, IoT-ize Your Embedded Projects with Open IoT software!”.

Benjamin Cabe (again) from the Eclipse Foundation. Of course, he has to make my list because he created my favourite project with a Rapiro.  Eclipse is an open-source community that helps you with your software needs. 


Video 6: Home Automation at Your Fingertips with Eclipse SmartHome and openHAB

What else can you automate at home?  I want to be able to roll over in bed, turn off my alarm clock and have the coffee maker automatical turn on.  I want my cupboard to open up and hand me my clothes for the day.  Then, I want to walk downstairs and have the oven start cooking my breakfast.  Basically, I want everything around me to suddenly become magical and help me get out the door in the morning. Tablets were first seen on Star Trek.  Why not keep hoping that this would be possible?


Video 7: Use a Raspberry Pi and EnOcean to enable Smart Home IoT Applications

Thinking of building a smart home application? No problem.  Use the Raspberry Pi and an EnOcean and get started. Speak German? Again, no problem. Aktivieren Sie Ihr Smart Home mit Raspberry Pi & EnOcean


Video 8: Connecting your Raspberry Pi to the Internet of Things with Plotly

Internet of Things is about making sense of data and using that data to automate our lives.  So, what is better than to use your Raspberry Pi to send data to Plotly? And then from there, you can build an oven that will cook breakfast, right?  (see Video 6).


Video 9: Texas Instrument’s The Internet of Things: Opportunities & Challenges

Talking about Internet of Things is easy.  Designing it is hard.  Here are a few challenges that you need to be aware of before you get started.


Video 10: Connect Things with theThings.IO: the Social Network of the Internet of Things

Ok, just one more.  The Grand Finale. lets you combine all your IoT devices into one place so you can monitor and interact with them easily.  It’s a must to help you on your way. So, how could I leave it off the list?