New Chips

XMOS have released some fresh silicon - their banner provides a hint of part of the new functionality!

It is probably the first microcontroller with GigEth capability : )


Performance is increased to up to 4000MIPS on a 32-core device.

Also much more memory for programs and data : ) - up to 1M SRAM and 2M flash. There is also capability to perform some DSP-like operations, as well as the ability to load multiple bytes of data in a single clock cycle (like SIMD - single instruction multiple data). And GigEth! So good it needs to be mentioned twice : )

In other words, a _lot_ of exciting features that people wanted. It appears XMOS has listened!



There is also a new xTIMEcomposer (release 14) which replaces the older Eclipse with a much more modern one.

I downloaded it, to briefly try it out. Below is a screenshot of the main code view. Notice the icons on the left, they provide a quick method of switching between views. The main code view is known as the 'Edit' view.


It is possible to go to the Analyze view and inspect things like resource usage:


There is also a call graph that shows the paths through functions that code will take when particular functions execute:


The debug view provides the ability to monitor variables as expected:


This is just a quick glimpse. Other features present in previous versions of xTIMEcomposer seem to be in this new release 14 too.


I'll try to document some xCORE-200 findings in the next few days as I discover them...