In honor of Earth Day 2015, let's take a look back on some of the ways element14 Community has been engineering a [green] connected world!





In the Air Design Challenge


This recently concluded Design Challenge asked members to help build a cleaner, less-polluted world by using amazing products from Texas Instruments, Wurth Electronics,  Cisco Systems and more. Check out the winning submissions, projects and more!




Energy Harvesting Design Challenge


In 2013, before we started calling them Design Challenges, this Design Challenge provided competitors with Energy Harvesting Solution to Go Kits. The challenge was to use the kit to make a new product which will use energy harvesting to replace a device that uses battery or mains power or create a new project of their own design, Check out the entries, projects and winners!





Ben Heck's Laser Printer Salvage Episode


Ben tears apart a broken laser printer to see what parts he can salvage from it. He finds a variety of useful items from springs to opto-interrupters and muses about how the parts can be incorporated into future projects. A heap of ABS plastic is left in the wake of the teardown and gets Ben brainstorming ideas of how it could be turned into 3-D printer filament instead of going into the recycling bin. Ben ends up with a bunch of new parts!





timaxlife ti.jpg


Texas Instruments releases new battery saving technology – MaxLife



LED in LA.jpg


Los Angeles replaces aging streetlights with more efficient LEDs, about time...





Engineers design new rechargeable battery with the help of wood



Embracing sustainability with Edison2's updated very light car (VLC) – X Prize winner




Backing up the electrical grid with flow batteries


Engineers could help to tackle global warming, say experts