As the world’s largest online community of engineers and technology enthusiasts, we want to know what consumers think about technology and innovation - both as it is today and how it could be in the future. That’s why we set out to uncover the opinions of 3,500 people from around the world in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific in our ground-breaking new study: Engineering a Connected World.


We surveyed consumers on a wide range of technologies and innovations across industries: the IoT, wearables, driverless cars, robotics and gesture control to name a few. The results gave us some fascinating insights into everything from the connected devices people are most likely to buy,  to which innovations are more hype than substance, to global issues society wants to see tomorrow’s technology address. What’s more, geographic breakdowns of the study present some eye-opening findings on which countries value different technological innovations.

Learn more about our study and download a copy of Engineering a Connected World via the file below.