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rechargable ps4

Posted by jeremyaws Mar 29, 2016
I was thinking about getting a ps4 and making it portable to the point that i'd only need a cable to recharge the system. I am working on a parts list but am really looking for the portable power option. here's the power conversion. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ps4 (running at max watts) - 137Watts 15" lcd controller board- 12V Dc = ? V ---------------------------------------------------------------- if anyone could help me find either a lithium ion re ...
Concept video, keep in mind. Japanese startup Gatebox created the world’s first holographic assistant. The assistant, a friendly girl names Azuma, can greet you, respond to your needs, and control the IoT-connected devices in your home. It is expected to hit market this year. (video and images via Gatebox)   If you want to feel like Gru from Despicable Me and commission minions to do your bidding, Japanese startup Gatebox will help you do that. The company recently released a video of ...
I've just finished a new project where I combined the Transport for London API schedule data and an Arduino controlled LEGO train track switch. Automation is fun!   It was really an exercise in using IoT technology, where Node-RED is my master controller. I use a Raspberry Pi for the local brain and control the OLED board and track servo with Arduinos. The schedule data is handled via MQTT and the remote control is via PubNub. ...

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