The week-long Cisco Live finished today, and due to work I had extremely little time this year to check out the exhibits. I think I spent ten minutes before it closed : (

Anyway, here are the brief snippets that were possible to capture in ten minutes!


Firstly, a quad-Pi train : )



Every year the train demonstrations seem to get better. This years model looks very slick.


End-on view. The small rectangular white and black thing inside near the front is some Bosch gadget:



A set of arcade controls; this looks like the kind of thing that would be fun to make rather than purchase though:


A cool maze game using Sphero 'bots:


The guy in the stripey T-shirt did quite well automating his 'bot through the maze:


This network operations center live display was interesting because infographics are always cool:



There were lots of opportunities to learn:



And really the highlight of the show for me was seeing how passionate everyone was after a week, to still be coding away. Everyone wanted to learn to code.


The world is going software-defined everything.