Amazon now has an ARview feature on its shopping app, and Microsoft’s HoloLens are now certified as safety goggles. Preview items in your home with Amazon ARview. (Photo from Amazon)


People are always finding new ways to use technology, like using your smartphone as a projector. Companies are doing the same thing but on a slightly bigger scale. Amazon is always on the cusp of introducing technology you really don’t need. The retail giant is launching a new AR feature inside its shopping app that previews products in 3D like kitchen appliances and toys right in your home released just in time for holiday shopping.


Amazon wants to improve your shopping experience by letting you see how products look in your home. It’s not a necessary feature and something you’ll more likely play around with, but it can help you decide if that vase goes with the rest of your décor. You can rotate items 360 degrees letting you see objects from every angle. 



The feature works on Apple’s ARkit meaning you need to have an iPhone 6S or newer to take advantage of this. Will AR view come to Android devices? We don’t know yet. It most likely depends on how well this new gimmick goes over. It probably won’t completely change the way you shop, but it may save you a couple of returns.


On a different note, Microsoft has found a new use for its HoloLens. First released in 2015, it launched as a product for gamers but is a slow seller due to its $3000 price tag. Microsoft isn’t too worried about; the device is popular with businesses since it lets designers visualize digital changes on real-life objects. This helps employees complete complex tasks and even present high tech demos. The device has been so popular the company is expanding its sales to 29 new European markets bringing up the total to 39 nations.


In addition to this, the HoloLens is now certified as basic protective eyewear. It received an IP50 rating for dust protection in construction zones. Microsoft wasted no time with the new certification and announced that a HoloLens hard hat accessory is currently in production and will be released next year. Though it sounds innovative, Intel tested a mixed reality headset with a built-in hard hat last year at CES.


HoloLens may not be the most popular VR option for gaming, it’s at least finding new life for businesses. Can’t really say Amazon’s VR view will have the same success.



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