BEAM allows you to display photos, messages, logos and Gifs on an AMOLED button you can wear. (Image credit: BEAM Authentic)


Chances are, you’ve probably worn a button to display your affinity for a cause, your favorite bands or even just a smiley face at some point in your life and while some of them were probably eye-catching, none of them can rival the BEAM smart wearable button and for good reason.


BEAM Authentic’s button allows you to broadcast your own customizable messages, logos, photo streams and Gifs on a 400 X 400 AMOLED display that you can attach anywhere. The button pairs with an app that lets you create your own ‘BEAM’ (the name given to your creations) or even those from other BEAM user’s collections, streams, and conversations.



Beyond the AMOLED display, BEAM’s additional features include ambient light and accelerator sensors that allow the button to adjust itself to light and motion, a magnetic attachment, function button, 24-hour battery life and the ability to hold up to 100 BEAMs of any nature.


What’s more, it comes equipped with a panic button you can hit to send an emergency message and location data to up to four people. You can also use it to donate to various causes at the same time when you endorse them.


BEAM button with accompanying app makes it easy to upload your cause of choice. (Image credit: BEAM Authentic)


When it comes down to it, BEAM may seem like a new gimmick or even a piece of ‘fad’ digital jewelry, especially so when it retails for $99 but I can think of some places and events where it could come in handy- including parties, concerts, rallies/protests, or costume parties/cosplay conventions, or walking alone on campus at night.


For me, the included emergency features make it a deal, especially in today’s world where anything can happen. If you decide to go ahead and purchase one, BEAM will donate $3 to one of several charities of your choice.


It’s also important to bear in mind that some of the individual causes found on the BEAM Authentic app require a donation before you can download it. Those interested in getting the BEAM can buy one from the company’s website located here.



This seems like an easy concept to reproduce with a Pi and a screen...


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